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The Easy Way To Professionalize Your K9 Unit

Finally, a tool for K-9 Units to track narcotics, explosives, therapy dogs and more from one place. Enter records quickly, see real time alerts, and take your canine teams to the next level.

team k9 tracking software
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Why Trainers Love It

Two Words: Progress. Tracking. See how all the data points are adding up. Review what training has been happening, and what issues have come up. Armed with this information, trainers can build up the team’s skills or course-correct on any issues that arise.

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Why Supervisors Love It

After supervisors plug in Dogteampro, their entire department levels up thanks to real-time updates, meaningful insights, understandable reporting, and defensible data. See all your insights for your entire team in one place, and deep dive into detail where you need insight on one particular dog or team member.

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Why Handlers Love It

Handlers are wired to tag team their job with a K9 partner… not to become software gurus. With Dogteampro, software is a power tool, not a chore. Handlers have a front row seat to their K9s progress. Our software allows handlers to capture and upload this knowledge with ease.


Log Crucial Details With A Few Taps

Created by an officer for other officers, Dogteampro streamlines the K9 documentation process with easy-to-use technology... thats software speak for "this will make your life tons easier."

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Customize like a pro.

Tailor the system to your needs and your types of dogs. Track what you want to track on deployments and customize the fields to reflect the type of training you do.


Easy and readable visual reports.

Get the details you need on a single K9 team or the entire unit with just a few clicks. See strengths and weaknesses, activity, and defend your K9 unit with a clear visual of what is happening.


Track like a boss.

Interactive maps track your path via GPS so you have all the key details right at your fingertips. Super easy. Super intuitive. Super useful.



That's tech-speak for "we just made your life a lot easier." Fewer clicks, fewer taps... you get the idea.

Records Made Easy

Store vet reconds, certifications, and anything else right in one place. You'll be saving trees AND your sanity. Win win.

Supervisor Sign Offs

Keep supervisors in the know and make sign off easy. Super easy. The one click kind of easy.

Secure, Cloud-based Hosting

All the convenience of accessing the software anywhere, with all the security to keep all your info private. #safetyfirst

Night Mode

Go from seeing spots to just seeing [your dog] Spot. Now, your software is as stealthy as you and Spot are.

Epic Customer Support

You'll get a dedicated account manager and our responsive team is pro status in making sure your needs are met. We're here 24/7.

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At Dogteampro, we believe that software should make your life easier, not harder and that entering your K9 records shouldn’t take a ridiculous amount of time. 

Founded by a police officer, we know K9 teams like yours need good record keeping in order to stand on firm ground in court and in front of superiors. That’s why we’ve spent the last 8 years working with a variety of K9 teams around the country (including dual purpose, narcotics, tracking, etc.) to build a cloud-based software that both K9 handlers and supervisors will love. 

Find out in 10 minutes if we can save you hundreds of hours.

Schedule a demo today so you can stop wasting time with archaic software or tracking methods and start enjoying a modern experience that makes your K9 training and deployment logs a breeze. 


"[DOGTEAMpro] is consistently looking to upgrade the system and make it even better... it is simple to navigate through the system and customer service is super important to me and this put me at ease."

Rankin County Sheriffs Department

team k9 tracking software

Upgrade to a better system that saves you time

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